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Still others may simply take longer to come into their own.

All of us change and grow over time; we aren’t the same person at 40 that we were at 30 or 20, and the things that we thought and assumed about our futures are often laughably wrong.

Now, Karen wasn’t the only person ever to feel this way.

In fact, many of my readers have expressed this feeling that they’re reaching the Point Of No Return, where they’re forced to resign themselves to a solitary, empty existence, despite their best efforts.

If you had told my 20-year old self what my life would be like or how many women I’ve dated or slept with in my 30s, he would have laughed in your face.


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    Uss k hont kapkapa rahay thay , us ki ankhen jhuki howi thi. Main book lena shelf ki taraf gai tu Sohail mere peechay aya.

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    Saudi Arabia’s human rights record, especially with regards to protecting women, has often been called into question.