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He said: 'I did notice that I was feeling incredibly hot on the Saturday but I just put this down to me cutting the grass.'I first realised the severity of it on the Sunday night when I got home from work, as it had blistered up massively.'The areas worst affected are my neck and shoulders and as I am incredibly fair skinned I do find myself quite sensitive to the sun.'My mum and dad were shocked as they couldn't believe how it had turned out, they have been brand new in helping me out as I have been stuck in bed since.'I have been to the local pharmacy who advised me to keep using Sudocrem and Aloe Vera spray, although I have started to use natural yogurt to treat it as a lot of people online recommended this and I'm already seeing a difference.'It is incredibly painful, especially for basic things such as moving my arms and lying down.

I've been trying to sleep on my front but not having much luck.'My warning to others would be don't be naive.

He also suggests you avoid plant chemicals like bergamot, which can sensitise your skin and induce ferocious burns.

Few of us put enough sun cream on to do the job properly.

I've definitely learnt my lesson.'SPFs measure how much time in the sun your skin can tolerate before burning: if your skin normally burns after fifteen minutes, an SPF 10 lotion will increase the time you can safely stay in the sun by ten times - i.e. The damage to skin is caused by the sun's ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.