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Had a good row with Burt [Elizabeth Taylor] and accused her, among other things, of lousy taste. I said the only thing we had in common was Yahtsee. We had lunch with Vittorio De Sica and his wife and two children (boys).

One boy played the guitar – what a horrible instrument, worse than a mouth-accordion, or a paper-and-comb. I went in at about 11.30 to see the test of the new costume [for Franco Zeffirelli’s Taming of the Shrew].

And so the day wore on inevitably to another regret in the lost and in the future to be recalled days. ” I snarled again something witty like “Shut your mouth” and went tramping furiously over our few acres with E’en So [their dog].

When I returned I kissed Shumdit better and then began to attack again. 3 June 1966 I had only one shot to do this morning but, malheureusement, Eliz had three, then of course she had to wash her hair for the weekend so we got away from the studio at 1.30.

There are certainly some issues for these brothers to work through.