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In the wake of Vice President Mike Pence's announcement last October that the U. government would provide direct aid to persecuted Iraqi Christians struggling to rebuild following the liberation of the Nineveh Plains, the Trump administration has taken concrete steps to follow through on its promises.

Embattled Highpoint Memphis Church Teaching Pastor Andy Savage insisted a woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her as a teenager lied about the nature of their "consensual" encounter as he announced he is taking a leave of absence to allow an independent audit of his ministry Thursday.

Clayton Jennings, a youth evangelist, author and actor who rose to fame in 2011 after his self-produced film "Strayland" became a hit, has stepped away from his ministry after several women came forward alleging he engaged in extra-marital sexual relations with them.

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An incredible 84%o want to restrict abortion to the first three months of pregnancy or less!

In a ruling seven years in the making, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the city of Baltimore to "lay down the arms of compelled speech" it had taken up against pro-life pregnancy centers, once and for all, last Friday.

I did an interview with Phil Robertson a few months ago for my radio show, where he commented on a variety of issues from his unique perspective.

Here is some of Robertson's wisdom from that interview, on issues ranging from abortion to the true motive of the Las Vegas shooter; from President Trump to religious liberty in our time.

I also shared some of my frustration concerning the wider American evangelical support of this decision.


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