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--- Drag1--- import *; import event.*; import dnd.*; import datatransfer.*; import javax.swing.*; import *; public class Drag1 extends JFrame implements Drag Gesture Listener, Drag Source Listener, Drop Target Listener This small program illustrates simple recursion and use of the To run it, just compile the source file below, and run it with a command-line argument of the base directory you want to examine.

This sample requires JDK 1.2.1 or later, but by commenting out just one line, it can run with JDK 1.1.7.

This example requires Java 2 and J2SE 1.4 beta 2 or later, or J2SE 1.3 and the JAI-IIO package.

--- IIOTest1--- This modest servlet illustrates how to use the AWT and JAI IIO facilities to modify an image in a servlet, and then send the image to the browser.

The program accepts two images, displays them, and displays the combination image. --- Image --- import *; import image.*; import event.*; /** * To use this program, first identify the two images * you want to merge.