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Many tools require more CFM at 90 psi than what is physically possible to get from the power available through a 120 VAC outlet.

(It's a fan delivering 0.1 psi.) Rules of thumb: These formulas reduce to a theoretical 5.5 CFM/HP (single stage) or 6.4 CFM/HP (two-stage), but do not include various inefficiences such as mechanical losses or the effects of heat and moisture in the input air.

These inefficiences typically deduct about 1/3 of the theoretical performance.

These true performance measurements are impossible to fake.

My Chinese-import compressor bears a big yellow sticker claiming the unit delivers 6.5 HP, and 10 CFM at 90 psi. My compressor says it has a 25 gallon tank, and I confirmed that with some rough measurements and volume calculations.

Then you can figure the true CFM from the difference in starting and final pressures, times the volume of the tank, divided by the time it took to pump up.