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Keng Joo texts me to say that the party will continue in his penthouse.

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He has a reputation for being an extremely generous tipper and for throwing legendary multi-day events.

“He parties hard,” explains his personal concierge host, who wished to remain anonymous in order to protect his job.

“I went for a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon,” says another. When the music gets too loud, I walk to the front desk to see Paul, a hotel employee I’ve been talking to for a few weeks.

“I killed it at poker and lost everything at baccarat,” replies a third. From waiter to group manager to special events assistant, Paul has worked almost every entry-level job at the resort. An elderly gambler soiled himself while playing slots and flung feces at a group of bachelorettes.

A man in swim shorts brags about the costly signature cocktails he had at the XS club.


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