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Perhaps they are too shy to approach what they perceive to be a strong, independent Western woman: on top of that, many Asian guys believe that Western women would never consider them as dating material, so they don’t even try.

At the same time, Western guys are busy exploring this new exotic dating world full of beautiful, slim and attractive Asian girls who can’t wait to be asked out by a Western guy.

” is the sorry justification I’ve heard again and again.

(Now I just delete them and move on.) The majority of times guys responses would be a bit baffled at my anger. “I can’t have sex with him while I’m pregnant and a man has needs, right?

Even after the hook-up one guy talks to me regularly and has said he wished he could be in a serious relationship with me. I leave behind the table with my in-between friends and I haven’t seen my actual friends since I started his hunt. He continues to kiss my cheek, asking before each time. And ever since the earliest emperor it’s been a sign of prestige for a man to have many wives or mistresses, but the wife should remain pure. It’s getting more and more popular for sure, but even so they are quite rare. Is it PC to say I would chose an asian over a white guy?