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CEO of Jabot Cosmetics 49% owner of Fenmmore's Department Stores Partner with Neil in the Abbott Winters Foundation Member of the Jabot board of directors Former partner in Newman-Abbott Enterprises (Marco Annicelli posing as Jack, and Jack himself after he returned) Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Major stockholder in Newman Enterprises Owner (and former CEO) of Newman Enterprises including Beauty of Nature and Jabot Cosmetics Board member of "The Delia Project" Former owner and former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Former owner of Beauty of Nature Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, subsidiary of Chancellor Industries Former co-owner of The Newman Fund with Adam Newman Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics, subsidiary of Tucker Mc Call Unlimited Former partner in Restless Style Magazine/Webzine Former Wisconsin State Senator Former partner in NVP Retreats Former CEO of Chancellor Industries Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Graduate of Harvard; captain of the debating team Served in the military in Viet Nam war Patty Williams [Married: Jul 4, 1982; divorced: 1983] Lindsey Wells [Married: 1984-invalid] Nikki Reed Newman [Married: 1990; divorced: 1994; Married: divorced Oct 26, 2016) Luan Volien (deceased) [Married: 1995; widower: 1996] Phyllis Summers [Married: Dec 26, 2001; divorced: 2004; Married: Apr 14, 2015; divorced: Oct 26, 2016] Sharon Collins [Married: Apr 23rd, 2007; divorced: Apr 10, 2009] Patty Williams [Married: Feb 14, 2010; illegal: posing as Dr.

Emily Peterson] Nikki Reed Newman [Remarried: Aug 3, 2012; divorced: Oct 1, 2012] Dina Abbott Mergeron (mother) John Abbott Sr.

Soon after, Jack's lover Diane accepted a marriage proposal from Andy Richards, so Jack turned to his young step-mother, Jill for comfort.

After Andy and Jill had a fight, Jack followed her to a remote cabin where they were stranded during a heavy snowstorm.

A night in bed together was always followed by a morning pressuring Jack for the top model job.


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