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But many other artists from Germany likewise stormed the international charts in recent decades.

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The 1950s and 60s saw the emergence of the first all-female rock and beat groups.

But, in Germany at least, commercial success largely eluded them.

I remembered Victor Maskell, the art historian and spy in John Banville’s , who liked to quote Diderot: ‘We erect a statue in our own image inside ourselves – idealised, you know, but still recognisable – and then spend our lives engaged in the effort to make ourselves into its likeness.’ The fact that the Wiki Leaks story was playing out against a global argument over privacy, secrets and the abuse of military power, left me thinking that if anyone was weird enough for this story it was me.

At 5.30 the next day Jamie arrived at my flat with his editorial colleague Nick Davies.

But it was in 1976, when her family was forced to move to West Berlin, that Nina Hagen's career took another dimension.