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The town is famous as the birthplace of the poet Friedrich Hölderlin and for its quality wines – in particular the “Lauffener Katzenbeißer Schwarzriesling“.

The old circular riverbed is now dry, apart from one small artificial lake.

Along the old riverbed, a round hill was formed – its slopes now partially covered by the Kaywald forest and with other areas given over to the cultivation of vines.

Lauffen has combined with Neckarwestheim and Nordheim to form a joint association of administrations.

The localities of Lauffen-Stadt (town) and Lauffen-Dorf (village) were combined on 1 April 1914 to create today's Lauffen am Neckar.

It is here, in the exclave, that the highest point is situated 452 m (1,483 ft) above sea level; the lowest point 154 m (505 ft) above sea level is by the Neckar.