Dating paintings frame

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Dating paintings frame

Rake light over the surface and move the painting around so that you view it at odd angles.

When viewing a painting on the wall or looking downward as you hold it in your hands, your eyes correct defects and faults.

At first glance this list appears to rank artists by skill. Professionally trained artists have bad days, albeit few collectors admit it. Historically, these paintings were sold at art galleries in vacation/tourist locations, gas stations, or stands along the highway. It is “couch art,” a decorative painting designed to hang behind a couch, over a dining room buffet, or on a large wall that needs something to fill it.

Professional artists produce crap just as readily as the members in the other groups. Many of these paintings are accompanied by elaborate author biographies.

A back surface exhibiting shallow planing grooves indicates an 18th- or early 19th-century board. Rapid humidity and temperature changes, especially when oil paintings are stored in attics, basements, garages, and other storage areas without heat or air conditioning, also create brittleness in a painting’s canvas, surface cracking, etc.


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