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Live video from WAVY-TV showed dozens of police cars, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles filling the densely populated neighborhood where the plane crashed.Yellow fire hoses snaked through side streets as fire crews poured water on the charred rooftops of brick apartment houses. Thomas Thames of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital told WAVY-TV that six people were brought to the hospital, including the two pilots.Colby Smith said his house started shaking and then the power went out, as he saw a red and orange blaze outside his window.

We are monitoring events carefully as they unfold and State Police resources are now on the scene. An investigation found that poor maintenance had caused the engine to malfunction.

Our fervent prayer is that no one was injured or killed in this accident.'Virginia Beach is on the Atlantic Coast about 200 miles south of Washington, D. It has 440,000 residents and is home to a complex of military bases, including Oceana, and the home of the U. The pilot was found to have made errors and was temporarily grounded.

Other USMC personnel were disciplined after the fatal crash.

Sign outside the Mosque Theatre, Richmond, Virginia: June 30, 1956 On June 30, 1956, the day following a rehearsal in New York for the Steve Allen Show (which would be filmed on July 1), Elvis took the train to Richmond, Virginia from New York.

It was a busy 24 hours, but then, every 24 hours was busy for the young man from Memphis in the groundbreaking year of 1956.