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The most important phenomena of planetary transit this week is the combustion of three most important planets, namely, Venus, Saturn and Mercury as week advances.

Combustion in astrology is regarded as a weakening of the strength of the planet concerned.

Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your seventh house along with Saturn in Sagittarius.

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She or he may fail to perceive you in right spirit.

Though you are more generous to others, and others will treat you likewise, also you acquit yourself with pride and may find yourself quite an enthusiastic entertainer or host.

It’s more intense expression, especially the psychological motivations and behavior patterns involved. If single, in dating, don’t give way to moods or frustration because moving ahead, step by step is not a bad idea, atleast you will get somewhere.

Your sign lord Venus is posited in your seventh house along with Sun.

The position of transitory planets might look grand but, due to combust planets desired results might not be achieved.