Diablo 3 setup updating setup files

It must be Service Pack 2 SP2 not on SP1 to check your current version, click on the Windows Home button, click on Control Panel, then click on System. Choose Administrator and name it whatever you like. Log in using the new Administrator Account, and pop in the game disc. Run the program by Right Clicking on the executable file and Choose Run as Administrator.

The lowest line the Windows Edition paragraph displays which version you are currently on.

It would show "Checking for updates...", then "Updating Agent..", and finally fail saying: "Installation: Something went wrong while trying to launch a program. If it happens again, try restarting your computer." After hitting the close button, there are several processes that continue to run, consuming lots of processor.

Diablo series is probably one of the best-known action RPG series on Windows platform.

Solution 2 – Set Battle Net and Diablo 3 to power saving mode Few users claim that they solved the crashing issues with Diablo 3 by setting both the game and the Battle Net client to run in power saving mode from Catalyst Control Center.