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i also like chief gook to be with jin hee but i think she's meant to be back w/her ex husband! For me, 21 episodes is not too long, I expect more maybe 23 episodes because I want to see them get married again. Need more romance tho haha lol I feel inlove with Jihyuk and the other male other actors because of this drama. My love for Jihyo got bigger Currently at the third episode, but something I hate with this drama is that even though they hate each other, they have an internship in an hospital. I watch it for Ji hyo unnie..& This drama is amazing.. Great plot, great chemistry between Ji Hyo and Ji Hyuk. Its doesn't make you bored and the story is quite different because it is held in the hospital with a twist of meeting again someone from your past. The writer(s) decided to take the easy-way out and made it more cliche, rushed, and force. And gomawoyo for all the efforts ♥♥♥ This is one of the best drama's that I have watched. To the producer, writer, casts & crew: Thank you very much for doing a nice job and a nice drama. The lead cast is so amazing and the writers of the drama definitely brought out their best in making the story. PS: I hope ABS-CBN (Philippine TV Network) buys the rights (if they haven't yet) for this drama because this will definitely be a hit. So far, this series was really good and I can't wait for the next episode and i actually love this show very much so congratulation for the one who made this drama you got a fan : D and i'm just really satisfied with all the characters in this series (: So far, this series was really good and I can't wait for the next episode and i actually love this show very much so congratulation for the one who made this drama you got a fan : D and i'm just really satisfied with all the characters in this series (: I really like chief Gook , but I think its really more right if the divorce couple will getting back together. Chang Min is so cute , he really meant for Oh Jin Hee then chief Gook will be mine : D lol XD ... Jin hee having a baby would be a bonus to the ending of this drama. Aww baby gook is soo cute hehe i will root for Oh Jin Hee and Kim Min-Ki lol~! he dont even have confidence to start and raise a he definitely not good enough for jin hee. cant wait for ep 16 :) nd hope the going kiss will not happen between jin hee and dr kook :) Is the going to kiss scene is just to test viewer reaction towards Jin Hee and Chief Gook couple? i was soo nervous that i had to pause on that scene for 5 times and what??

i nvr thought i wld like/love this drama this much till a frnd told me about this & i'm what....2 yrs late in watching but i luv choi jin hyuk in pride n prejudice so that kinda brought me here too in watching this drama! I really have fun enjoyed it...althought there are few sad scene that make me cry.I love the scene where both of them take care of the baby.cute..really a beautiful & sweet drama.. Too bad that Ji hyo's current drama Ex Girlfriend Club was a flop. But since I like Song Ji-hyo, I wanted to give this drama a chance to get better. nice story, good protagonist and lots of experiences stories learnt.. I still cannot accept the fact that in the last few episodes, Jin-Hee became heads-over-hills to Chang Min (and that the sex scene was necessary). In this drama, all the couples look so good together. to be honest, Ji Hyo doesn't even look like she is over 25 this year. An ending with a big hope of Chang Min & Jin Hee being together again as couple. chang min and jin hee is the hero & heroin of this drama so obviously they will end up together again.u know what, i like it! peace and bye : P @you know it if u hate this drama that much then DONT WATCH! and i prefer a lot that Chang Min end up with Jin Hee again. LOL...never know Chief Gook has such character..i must say ep16 is such a sad episode to me. While watching ep 16 im not able to see Jin Hee's love towards Chang Min but Chang Min feeling is still strong..

If Chief Gook and Jin Hee start dating and suddenly he find out that the daughter is his and go back to Prof Sim it will be just urgh..please writer-nim.

hopefully is just my imagination and u didnt give me such plot. it will be more interesting if ye jin's daughter is cheon soo's. let me guess.starring of this drama is ji hyo & jin hyuk...course they end up together..well, all of their promotional posters are mostly both of them pictured together..most probably pil mo will end up with yeo jin..then clara with yong kyu..is pretty predictable..have to worry abt jin hee and the chief..posters pretty much tell us abt the ending..chang min leave her behind(when the divorce happen).I were in her shoes..

i luv choi jin hyuk, pil mo as well plus the lead actress; i feel sad when they got divorced & chang min wanted to get back to her but she at first was not interested anymore then in the middle of the series she changes her mind & wanted to start over but this time chang min i guess was hurt that he wanted to let go of her! I watched it for Song Ji Hyo but then the story was interesting (well, the first ep at least, the second made me write the first part of the comment). Shim, baby gook, jin ae, gwang soo, ah reum, yong gyu, the nurses, jin hee's mother, chang min's mother and all the rest...saranghaeyo :))))) it finally ended! :-) but now, i don't know what am i going to do with my life anymore. :-) some awkward scenes in the last episode but i guess it's a good ending :-) The beginning of this drama was headed in a great direction: strong female lead despite the emotional abuse she received from her ex-husband and ex-mother-in-law and her strength to renew her life. Definitely one of those slice of life dramas that really touch your heart. Hope in episode 20 they sort out the uncertainty feeling they have for one another.