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Some swearing can be allowed (we here at Kongregate are no saints), but it should not be directed at other users (see Dont harass others).

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    That's why I call it a workaround instead of a fix.

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    It doesn't matter which terminal I select, if the terminal is BW only, the line width doesn't change, if it is colored, neither option changes. As I haven't had access to other linux boxes these days, I wasn't able to test it in other distros...reset set terminal postscript enhanced eps "Helvetica" 9 set size 1.0,0.5 set output "" set style line 1 lt 1 lw 5.0 lc rgb "blue" set style line 2 lt 3 lw 5.0 lc rgb "red" plot sin(x) with lines ls 1,\ cos(x) with lines ls 2Observations: (1) I think you need to use the linestyle command (ls) in the plot line. the addition of ls 1 in the plot line did the trick.