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And why not have sex when you are young (and a famous pop star)? We can't return we can only look, and talk, bitchily, on DL.

Answers: Case of You is about James Taylor, as is most of the Blue album.

The 70s must have been a more innocent time when one could approach rock stars in the street r42 - imagine trying to do that now with all their minders and self-important entourages ! [R40] From what this book is saying, "Coyote" is about Sam Shepard. What's the point if you're no longer interested in sex?

A lot of the other songs on "Hejira" were about John Guerin, who I guess was the potential husband material out of all these guys. It's not in the book but apparently many Jaco fans hate Joni…he left his wife for her (and didn't go back after they broke up) and sunk far deeper into drug use after their split. LOL[quote]All that cock and she's ended up a bitter, lonely old bag. At least she got all that hot cock back in the day, which is more than you can say R11. John Lennon's death pretty much put an end to superstars out walking around unprotected.

I love that "Shadows and Light" concert video, circa 1980 with Jaco, Pat Metheny & Don Alias in the band, and she looked terrific then - using that James Dean imagery and clips of coyotes etc.