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Jongkind left home for Paris in 184 6 and studied with both a marine painter (Eugene Isabey) and a figure painter (Fran~ois Picot).

His first commercial success was a series of ETCHINGS, Six Views of Holland (1862).

The arrangement of the picture space bears the mark of seventeenth-century Dutch seascape painting, with which Jongkind had been very familiar since his formative years with Andreas Schelfhout.

Faithful to this tradition, the artist builds a balanced composition based on contrasts: the geometrised verticality of the masts raised to varying heights offsets the fluidity of the clouds; the dark tones of the vessels stand out against the luminosity of the sky and the gleam of the water; and the loose technique of the sky contrasts with the precise draughtsmanship of the boats.

Aan de rechterkant is er informatie over de activiteiten van onze vereniging.

Voor een algemene presentatie van de periode in de Dauphiné kunt u met de inleiding beginnen.

He was a good man, very simple, speaking very bad French, and very shy . He asked to see my sketches, invited me to go to work with him, explained to me the how and why of his manner and completed the teachings I had received from Boudin.