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In the 2009 survey, the figure stood at 2.34% for Bengal.

National honours for Kanyashree The Department of Woman Development and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal has been awarded Silver Medal for the “Kanyasshree Prakalpo” in the Category of “Outstanding Service in Citizen-Centric Service.” Bottomline Using Kanyashree as a weapon, the state government is now urging the police and non-government organizations to go ahead to the micro level to generate awareness so that such crimes are minimised in the state.

Kanyashree impact: School dropout rate among girls falls in Bengal According to data from the National Sample Survey 2014, the school dropout rate among girls in the State has come down.

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The objective is to instill confidence among them, to encourage their education, and to discourage their early marriage.

The partnership between UNICEF and West Bengal Government is not a superficial involvement but a technical partnership.

She said the scheme was rolled out to prevent child marriage in the state, where about 54 percent girls are married off before they turn 18.

Responding to a query by a legislator whether the Rs.500 annual scholarship was not a low amount, and if the government was considering proposals to enhance the sum, Panja said more emphasis was being put on extending the second kind of benefit to students.

In a special training programme for police personnel jointly organized by the district police, district legal services authority (DLSA) and an NGO, the joint secretary emphasised on the utility of Kanyashree.