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These members knew that creative thinking along with "diving into the game's code", no matter how contradictory the second one is, can be a very efficient mix when it comes to defeating adversaries.

During the year of this incredibly-successful e-life spent by the team, we eliminated thousands of our opponents, collected the same amount of high-level, Virtual Ears, won a few Russian-hosted Tournaments and then departed from the game silently, as a result of the feeling there were no worthy enemies left to defeat.

, and that is the Guild Wars World Preview Event held from the 28th up to the 31st of October 2004.

The initial impression of the game for us at that time was: "Look, there's Tomb of the Primeval Kings (the early Heroes' Ascent) and the Guild vs Guild mode, and that's all what madcaps like us need! Of course, our five Fire Elementalists with bonding Monks as the support didn't "pwn" all of the enemies we've met, but still we were hoping that one day our guild will reach that sacred and admired-by-all top #1 rank in the Guild vs. Therefore, we tried to prove our best, especially after we've lost a match to , the chances of killing the target instantly were sufficiently high.

Guild Masters are responsible for the life of the squad, its official in-game interactions and PK activity.