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Please feel free to email me or comment if you have any specific questions on the cost of a basement that I haven't answered here.

In April 2007 I moved into a small ranch house in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

I have since replaced the Clarks with three Buttkicker piston units with a matching 1000 watt Buttkicker amp, which has increased the sensation even more - so I now have plenty of "oomph" during explosions, crashes, gunshots, or other strong low-frequency events during a movie or concert video.

Second row seating features a 3-seat red oak bar I built from scratch using a 6' scrap piece of Formica counter top, on which patrons can set their food and drinks on during the movie.

One of my most prized possessions in the theater room - a 15 lens-per-inch 3D lenticular poster of one of my favorite 3D movies.