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On the CL’s patio, Abby wonders if Lily has news about Cane. Thanking his Dad for the gift basket, Cane ends his call as Hilary drops by the estate to ask if the ‘man of the hour’ will come on her show. Yes, Nick went to Devon; and he agrees it’s important to preserve Katherine’s legacy. Surely she must wonder why he’s here and involved in the Newman audit. Part of me can’t stand the guy but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Still, this is Sex and the City, so she ultimately buys her apartment with Charlotte’s money and her financial troubles are never mentioned again. Charlotte smiles knowingly when she thinks about how Taddy just loved to be ridden after she broke him in.

It can be assumed that Charlotte had her first orgasm riding that horse. Successful Miranda is supposed to be the least cool friend.

La locacion de la serie esta ubicado en la ciudad de Nueva York, la serie que muestra vivencias y amores pasajeros de cuatro féminas amigas mutuas, cuyas edades de tres ellas pasan los treinta, y una está en los cuarenta.

Esta serie de género comedia posee elementos dramáticos muy marcados, por lo general la serie mostraba temas destacables como el rol importante que desempeña la mujer dentro de la sociedad.

The six-season series about the professional, romantic, and social lives of four 30-something women in New York featured protagonists who were candid and explicit about their sex lives and put female friendship above marriage.