Roman dating system

The dating system used in the Hellenized parts of the eastern Empire was often based on the Greek practice of referring to the 4-year Olympiad cycle. 535 (often called 535 CE), it was “after Diocletian” and counted from the reign of Diocletian (284-305), who is famous for aggressively persecuting Christians by imperial decree.

Other Gospels and historical sources suggest dates ranging from 6 or 7 B.

Establishing the date when an event occurred could be a challenge for those living in the ancient world.

But while months and days are based on the planet's gravitational forces, and thereby grounded in reality, the third aspect of our dating code is a total mess. Rather, we need to find another, closer Year One to begin things.

This, as you'd imagine, is where things get chaotic.“At no point in world history has there ever been a single uniform dating system that's unanimously agreed to be shared by everyone,” says Dr. E., which uses the same Year One starting point, but removes the religious implications by referring to Common Era.

Carlos Noreña, a scholar of ancient history at University of California-Berkeley. “The Romans didn't impose their dating system,” Noreña says. The most recent dating battle has been a semantic one over the rise of C. “This is a little bit silly for two reasons,” Noreña says.


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