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Around the world, the vision of Royal Doulton, based on the brand values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation, has not changed and continues to be absolutely English.

Our china is manufactured with a type of soft-paste porcelain, which contains greater than 35% tricalcium orthophosphate.

Royal Doulton is the name used on Doulton and Company pottery made from 1902 to the present.

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When metal utensils, which are often softer than the glaze, contact the stoneware, tiny metal particles become caught in the microscopic valleys.

Though some users characterise the grey marks as scratches, usually there is no damage to the glaze or the stoneware body.

Some vases and animal figurines were made with a special red glaze called flambe. The multicolored glaze is very thick and looks as if it were dropped on the clay.

Bunnykins figurines were first made by Royal Doulton in 1939.

Royal Doulton is a centuries-old British manufacturer of stoneware, china dishware and figurines.