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"I think since I was staring at the source image for hours while stitching it, I knew what position he was sitting in, so it didn't look weird to me.

However, after seeing everyone's reactions to it, I can totally see why they think it looks like a weird pretzel monster." Luckily, he said, his girlfriend wasn't bothered by the pillow's unusual shape.

Posted by user You Bih, the woman's Tinder profile bio simply says, 'I gag on my toothbrush so don't get excited'.

The Redditor captioned the post with, 'At least she's honest & gets to the point' and the hundreds have taken to the forum to comment on the picture.

Posted on Reddit by user Darth Snoopy, who is believed to work for the coffee chain, this year's festive themed takeaway cup features illustrations of a Christmas tree, stack of gifts, starts and two turtle doves in black and red ink.