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Eric, for one, was at first surprised when his online profile got interest from taller women who were breaking the very height requirements they listed in their own online profile.“They write that they’re looking for a taller guy, but then again, they’re contacting me,” he says, adding that at first he felt the need to explain to them that he might not live up to their lofty standards.“I have taller girls emailing me a lot, even though I don’t meet the height they say they’re looking for,” he says, “They all tell me my profile made them laugh.

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So I approach.” And for women, the word is that you need to be more explicit and encouraging if you’re interested in a shorter guy.

“The taller women that I’ve dated actually came more to me than I pursued them,” says Eric, who is currently dating a woman a couple inches taller than him.

responsible for making the first move, it can be tricky to know how to proceed.

“There was a woman I was absolutely smitten with,” recalls Charles, 40, who’s a 5’7” surgeon living in New York City.

Never let your actual stature affect your sense of metaphorical stature.” In fact, showing a taller girl your chutzpah works well when you’re short.