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vou were mv in«-ntib\ Hill You ^uv s gave tne the drive to keep doing what I v\ as doing You made my life at Harper fun lo Michael \eiman and the rest of Pnigram (kurd.once agam led the l-ady Hawk ..flack, she scon-d It p»»ints and two thriv-pointers as well |eitus chipped in with nine [Hunts and Maslalar/ had seven pointji as well for the lad\ Hawks Tough opponents an- ,i ^issi way to show h )w your will pt-rform tinder pn-ssure Ihe I adv Hawks I an show that thev can perform under pressure |ust ask the Lady Cavalie s Irom Kankakee k,ank..k.f t'ommunity College who ari currenth ranked Hth in thn II but all that didn't natter to the\ Hawks ■^es the I adv Cawiliers M-M defeated the l-ady Hawks but thev didn't go dtwvn without a fight Ten minutes into Ifie fw M half ol pl.n the 1 adv C av alier lead was only I»»-11 but Uie lady Cavaliers built a 43-21 kad Ute in the first half and the l^y Hawks were able to recover from tfvat Kai Uuk H' guard Cretcfum Circle hit twc tree tfmiws with 12 nunule* left in the second half, to pve the •oplieiner* Ito Ussa R Lady Hawks l^y Cavaliers t Jieir largest lead of the game The Ijdy Hawks were down 60- .'M, but never count out the Ladv Hawks The lady Hawks oulscoivd Kankakee »-24 the fmal 12 minutes of the game, but it was to lit- lk to late for the l,adv Hawks Freshman Audino scored 11 points and hit thrve-thns (oimiis tor the Lady Hawks Ma.stalar/ scored 11 points for the and stiphomore Hoppe chipped in with ten points and grabbed 8 rebounds Kommel scored eight points and Wagner chipped in with seven pointe and grabbed five rebounds for the l,ad\ llavcks as well Diana Italx taha* a Mat af tar grab Mag a rabow Kl Mm Latfy Hawk* M-TO victery evar Olvia Harvay What's up, yo?Dear Uncle Bill, I am lired of mv cuunstrlor |pa MU Stacaraly, Uncomfortable Dear Uacomfortabic, Fint off, what I hope you undentand u.

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Minartk '^Ku i Tj II him all »lleen I tick appreciates the stronger relationship Casaccio ha§ with this man- agement than the pn-v lous He always works with Mandy and myself," she says He eyen goes as far as haying management inv.t Uis I m his shtt (.

st ot the semester and invu Rh tt H' whole vear, .' tontinual v i-duvatt* iirsi-lvi-s and otfurs about Black History and Black student issues li Sl IS op«Ti to anv student w tiling to learn at N'T UKI A STTUATION I AM IN.

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.\nd iindtr^ ol thf gixiup who weren't fv- it tht- «^biw.

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