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"It's ironic because my husband does not want to be the primary breadwinner now; he wants to go to school to get his bachelor's degree.

We had even agreed that I should be the primary breadwinner [now that he's retired] because I have the academic background.” 5.

Di Silverio compares the fear of her husband getting hurt -- or worse -- in the field to a constant headache, "always lurking, keeping you a bit more on edge than you would normally be." When her husband was deployed to Iraq, her daughters were 3 and 5 and she was working as a deputy group commander.

"I almost welcomed the logistical difficulties of keeping our lives running, of coordinating day care and school and job and activities because it kept my mind occupied so I didn’t dwell on the danger [my husband] Tom might be in," Di Silverio said.

"It was very challenging for him to take on that role with virtually no support system in a foreign country," she said.