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My Golden Life continued the KBS weekend drama streak and premiered with 19.7% ratings in episode 1 and rose 4% to 23.9% in episode 2.Looks like Park Shi Hoo isn’t deterring viewers from the drama which has a sprawling ensemble cast of Shin Hye Sun, Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Eun Soo, Lee Tae Sung and veterans Chun Ho Jin and Kim Hye Ok.Since Vika is beautiful and much younger than him, Geon-ho struggles with feelings of inadequacy and starts to wonder if she's only marrying him to attain Korean citizenship.

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Well, who does not lose head by someone with a smile so bewitching?

OMG, November is the month of my wedding anniversary.

She even doesn't deserve a really nice guy like Woncheol. It's interesting as the story involving Lee Yeon-Hee and Ju Ji-Hoon does parallel "The Naked Kitchen" and Ju Ji-Hoon's character here is the third wheel/new guy like his character in "The Naked Kitchen".

Spoiler~~ I liked the movie, all the couples except so mi and kyung soo ,, the way somi and won cheol break up that easy in their wedding day after 7 years in relationship,,and they were very cool about it is just so silly,,yea it's a movie and so, but it irritates me that they took relationships that easy,,anyway the movie as all is nice really enjoyed the story and all the couples --spoiler-- but I really annoyed with ji-hoon's character because he's like disturb yeon-hee and taecyeon's character maybe because taecyeon's character is a really nice guy Really want to watch this movie, especially ju ji hoon part. This time around though, his character brings out a lot more empathy from the viewer imo and the story development doesn't come across as off key as it did in "The Naked Kitchen" for me. I wonder if there was a subtle nod to movie "Architecture 101".

I like to watch movies directed by a female director.