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This also means that person can say no to further continuance once any sexual activity has already begun.

…some people are less likely to be targeted for sexual assault: for example, lesbians, gay men and people who are gender variant, women of color, people with disabilities including psychiatric labels, transpeople, boys, and sex workers? Women and girls are considerably more likely than men to be targeted; however for males, being under 12 years old heightens their vulnerability to sexual offences (Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends 2006, Statistics Canada).

Sexual violence can have significant impact on victims, regardless of the physical details of the incident: a Canadian study notes that while few survivors report sexual assault to the police, “a single incident of assault or sexual assault…can be a life-shattering experience” and as a result, survivors can feel fear, guilt, shame and low self-esteem (Status of Women Canada. Assessing Violence Against Women: A Statistical Profile.).. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual activity forced on one person by another.

Sexual assault occurs whenever a person does not want to have sex but is forced into the act, regardless of previous consensual sexual relations.

When adult men are assaulted they face stigma imposed by patriarchal views about masculinity.