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A solo newbie stuck on a never before seen problem often ends up in a limbo not unlike the Stanley Parable, spinning round and round through dull, yet strangely interesting hallways until ending up at the beginning again.

When you have an equally interested and motivated companion beside you – be it your partner, a mentor, a boss, a team member, a cat you simply shout theories at, or just an innocent bystander who can think logically and is unable to run away as you posit your question – the problem is, often quite literally, half as difficult to solve.

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Being on the same wavelength and frequency as your colleagues makes sure the brainwaves intensify, rather than cancel each other out.

A good atmosphere can have a compound effect on problem solving.

Never be ashamed to ask for advice, and never be afraid to ask for help if the person isn't deep in a working cycle.

If the team or some particular member is hostile, if the atmosphere is lacking, if the leader figure knows less than you do and still refuses your suggestions without discussing them with others, you should request a transfer.

In fact, the experts frequently find themselves stuck more often than newbies, but it's the speed and skill with which they "unstick" themselves that makes them stand out in the cold, snowy field of identically unimpressive snowflakes.